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Is Developing Games for Virtual Reality Worth It?

    The other day I was talking to one of my friends about a new booming business in the US known as “Escape Rooms”. It got me thinking; “Why aren’t we making VR rooms for these types of businesses. Escape rooms are the just beginning of commercial uses for Virtual Reality headsets. Currently one of the biggest issues and concerns for developing for VR HMDs or Head Mount Displays is that you have to be connected to a computer at all times. Which limits the amount of space someone can actually interact with your game. Another issue with that wired connection is the fear, the fear that you or someone might fall or walk too far out of reach causing tension on the link setup which could damage your tech. The technology required to run a VR setup varies, but our set up costs us close to 2k just to get it up and running. If that number is constantly in the back of your head it’s hard to become “fully” immersed with one of these VR HMDs on, knowing that tripping over a cable could cost you hundreds of dollars.


Phoenix ComiCon 2016

    The Phoenix Comicon took place last weekend at the Phoenix Convention Center. Every year I swear the audience and attendance rate increases. Luckily thanks to the GameColab we were able to reserve a spot in the AZVGS or Arizona Video Game Showcase where we had an epic booth for people to come check our latest titles. We tried selling some sweet swag, AKA shirts with Lead N Brimstone on them and no one purchased a shirt. Maybe it was the price of 20$ or maybe it was because no one knew the product or our brand yet. I doubt it was the artwork itself, once we started giving t-shirts out for free people were stoked to get them and said they look awesome. So we didn’t make money, in fact quite the opposite happened. But when you’re in the entertainment industry, you pay for marketing which is really just another investment in your products that could and actually did lead to more app installs and publicity.

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More Pressure After Release than Before Release

WKGS released our first title “Turtle Boarden” on April 28th, 2016. It was a monumental pivoting point in our lives, as most of our development team only has one if any other titles published for mobile devices. Unfortunately we were only able to publish a build for Android OS’s only because of our development pipeline and the resources that we have to work with. “Turtle Boarden” will be available for download on Apple products as soon as we’re done debugging it, we’re hoping to release it in the next two weeks. Some have argued that we should have waited to release our game until the IOS compatible version was ready, but we didn’t feel like waiting and we have a master plan in effect for our marketing campaign.


Crunch Time != Overtime Pay

    Recently the topic of crunch time and how studios deal with reaching unrealistic milestones and paying their employees for overtime has become a trendy topic in the game development world. In an article published by they portray some hostility toward a fellow game developer Alex St. John. Being good at what you do in the gaming industry requires a passion so strong that money is never an issue. If you’re complaining about working on the weekends or staying a few hours later with out overtime pay, you were never meant for this industry. Yes, people have bills, and have other responsibilities to take care of, but the reality is your probably being greedy and or aren’t passionate about the project. In which case you should be replaced with someone else who is clawing there way through college and hoping to land a job that actually pays you anything in the gaming industry.


It’s Not About What You Know, It’s About Who You know!

    Starting your own business can be very difficult, especially if you’re the timid, introverted type of person. Being smart and socially awkward doesn’t mean you can’t start a successful business, it just means you’re gonna need someone to handle business relations and client outreach. At Waden Kane Studios, we’ve have reached milestones that many entrepreneurs in our industry will never meet. Most of our accomplishments are because of business development skills as well as being in the right place at the right time.