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A short story about a CEO in the making!

A representative from the Marketing Department from my University asked me to write them a little blurb about myself so here it is:


    I co-founded a business called Waden Kane Game Studios about a month after I graduated from UAT in 2014. Waden Kane Game Studios develops software solutions for companies in the form of video games ranging from mobile platforms to VR. I received my Bachelor’s of Arts in Game Design, after taking a few summer semesters I graduated earlier than the recommend 4-year program. After college I could only get simple IT and customer service jobs; having a background in Game Development there only a few areas in technology that would be over my head or far to difficult for me to pursue. I had also enjoyed being challenged, working with the latest technology, and setting high standards for myself. I figured immersing myself into the gaming industry would bring me into a whole mess of challenges and would force me to stay update with the latest technology and software. Literally as I write this I’m waiting for my OS to update so I can test one of our games on the newest Ipad.


    I truly believe I was always meant to be an entrepreneur, someone once told me being a entrepreneur is something your born with, it’s not a skill you can simply learn. It’s an important quote I believe in because; it’s true, look at the lives of successful entrepreneurs before their big breaks. When I was in college I learned the foundation of my trade, I forced myself to work on projects that seemed impossible to finish or were simply just out of my reach. I tried to create innovative projects, and I failed, many times. I became self critical on every game I worked on, until the one game I made finally turned my confidence on my side. During a 48-hour game development challenge/contest my team and I (a designer, a programmer, and an artist) created a game called “Suds”. Anyone who was there for that Jam knows this game because we won almost every award, Best Design, Best Art, Best Overall Game. It was a simple game about a bird that couldn’t fly straight, and the objective was to fly up a tree by jumping from branch to branch. Which is ironic because being an entrepreneur is about setting goals and climbing over obstacles to reach those goals. Making plans to succeed but random instances occur that change your direction and make your path to success seem skewed. It was at that moment I realized even if I didn’t like my own work, other people would. College prepared me for my industry, but I was born to be an entrepreneur, college just gave me the tools I needed to succeed.

Keep failing until you succeed,

Harrison S

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