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What’s Happening at Waden Kane!

    A lot has been happening here at Waden Kane Studios. Earlier this month representatives from Waden Kane Studios attended GDC 2017 in San Francisco to show off our latest title; LeadnBrimestone. The CEO of Waden Kane met with some account managers from PlayStation to discuss the future of LnB on their platform. Given the raw nature of the prototype, it was difficult to get any critical feedback, however they did mention that our art style was unique and looked good. The development team assigned for this project is the biggest team assembled yet at Waden Kane Studios for a single project. With over 7 people working on this epic side-scrolling shooter, it’s guaranteed to be an awesome game that will be available Summer of 2018.


Crunch Time != Overtime Pay

    Recently the topic of crunch time and how studios deal with reaching unrealistic milestones and paying their employees for overtime has become a trendy topic in the game development world. In an article published by they portray some hostility toward a fellow game developer Alex St. John. Being good at what you do in the gaming industry requires a passion so strong that money is never an issue. If you’re complaining about working on the weekends or staying a few hours later with out overtime pay, you were never meant for this industry. Yes, people have bills, and have other responsibilities to take care of, but the reality is your probably being greedy and or aren’t passionate about the project. In which case you should be replaced with someone else who is clawing there way through college and hoping to land a job that actually pays you anything in the gaming industry.


5 Ways to Distinguish Your Independent Studio!

    The video gaming industry is booming, it’s projected to keep growing for the next decade and ranks in billions of dollars of revenue every year. So naturally entrepreneurs will consider getting into game development as a viable career path and a sustainable source of revenue. Starting you own indie studio can be a great starting place for young entrepreneurs and game developers, but becoming successful is a difficult and treacherous path. One key element