Phoenix ComiCon 2016

    The Phoenix Comicon took place last weekend at the Phoenix Convention Center. Every year I swear the audience and attendance rate increases. Luckily thanks to the GameColab we were able to reserve a spot in the AZVGS or Arizona Video Game Showcase where we had an epic booth for people to come check our latest titles. We tried selling some sweet swag, AKA shirts with Lead N Brimstone on them and no one purchased a shirt. Maybe it was the price of 20$ or maybe it was because no one knew the product or our brand yet. I doubt it was the artwork itself, once we started giving t-shirts out for free people were stoked to get them and said they look awesome. So we didn’t make money, in fact quite the opposite happened. But when you’re in the entertainment industry, you pay for marketing which is really just another investment in your products that could and actually did lead to more app installs and publicity.

    After Comicon weekend we managed to get about 100 new installs for Turtle Boarden just for Android devices. If we would have had the TB available on the Apple Store I think our number of downloads would have been be closer to 300 including the downloads from the Google Play store. So it wasn’t bad news, we also debuted a demo of Lead N Brimstone. Our signage and banners attracted many viewers, it was mainly our huge Minotaur banner that is about 7ft tall. Our demo was very bare bones, any experienced developer would have glanced at it once and simply laughed, but to the untrained eye people seemed to love it. There’s something about the idea of making a super difficult plat-former game where one shot restarts the entire level that players really enjoyed. We had people who died so many times, yet still wanted to play the game, even with bare bone mechanics, I mean you couldn’t even aim. If people were excited to play that version of Lead N Brimstone I can only imagine how people will react when we actually put a few month of development into it.

    Comicon served us for a few purposes, one being that it validated our concept for LnB, and proved it was something people were excited to see come to fruition. Of course marketing and user acquisition for Turtle Boarden were huge reasons why we attended as an exhibitor, but the thing that really benefited us the most was confidence and energy those players gave us. The joy in some of their faces when playing our games, just proved that our games are fun and entertaining. I heard two things that made spending a bunch money on Comicon worth it: 1) “This game is my favorite game in the entire room”, and 2) “I’ve been reading about Lead N Brimstone on your website, I’ve been waiting months for it already!”. Those two phrases from different people were enough to raise my spirits, and the rest of our teams as well. Developers judge their own work so critically, sometimes the best thing to do is take a step back and let your art be enjoyed by outsiders, after all we don’t make games for ourselves, we make games for you…

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