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Crunch Time != Overtime Pay

    Recently the topic of crunch time and how studios deal with reaching unrealistic milestones and paying their employees for overtime has become a trendy topic in the game development world. In an article published by Geek.com they portray some hostility toward a fellow game developer Alex St. John. Being good at what you do in the gaming industry requires a passion so strong that money is never an issue. If you’re complaining about working on the weekends or staying a few hours later with out overtime pay, you were never meant for this industry. Yes, people have bills, and have other responsibilities to take care of, but the reality is your probably being greedy and or aren’t passionate about the project. In which case you should be replaced with someone else who is clawing there way through college and hoping to land a job that actually pays you anything in the gaming industry.


It’s Not About What You Know, It’s About Who You know!

    Starting your own business can be very difficult, especially if you’re the timid, introverted type of person. Being smart and socially awkward doesn’t mean you can’t start a successful business, it just means you’re gonna need someone to handle business relations and client outreach. At Waden Kane Studios, we’ve have reached milestones that many entrepreneurs in our industry will never meet. Most of our accomplishments are because of business development skills as well as being in the right place at the right time.


5 Ways to Distinguish Your Independent Studio!

    The video gaming industry is booming, it’s projected to keep growing for the next decade and ranks in billions of dollars of revenue every year. So naturally entrepreneurs will consider getting into game development as a viable career path and a sustainable source of revenue. Starting you own indie studio can be a great starting place for young entrepreneurs and game developers, but becoming successful is a difficult and treacherous path. One key element


Look at Me, I’m a Hipster and Started my own Company!

    WHY? Starting a company at a young age sounds ideal right, let it mature as you get older and maybe your business plan will work out for you. Truth be told, starting your own company is tough, especially when your background has nothing to do with business management. From filing for incorporation to paying your employees/contractors and executing a business plan is something that every entrepreneur has to learn, and learning these things can be an expensive nerve racking experience. Going off my own experiences if I could back in time, I would have waited to start WKGS with a few business partners who were older and and actually had some experience dealing with start ups. There’s lots of things a CEO has to deal with in order to keep his company afloat, especially during the start up phase when your initial seed money is on the verge of depletion. We had expenses that could have been reduced during the start up phase if someone on our team had prior knowledge of particular subjects. For example, I paid LegalZoom to set up our LLC, they did a decent job but they made us pay for ALOT for their services. Where as if I knew what I was doing when filing for an LLC, it wouldn’t have cost us more than 100 bucks!


Geeks Night Out

    Geeks Night Out is a crazy amazing event held by the City of Tempe once a year. This year Waden Kane Studios had the privilegeof demoing Turtle Boarden, and had some great feed back from our professional testers. From a developer stand point, we knew going into the event our game was in “critical” condition, meaning it worked but, there were a few game breaking bugs that could be caused by irregular user behavior. So when the game crashed and a kid yelled “Hey!! It’s glitching out!” I replied, “Yeah, that’s a feature…” and restarted the app. Luckily most kids didn’t care the UI wasn’t lit properly or the fact that the mustaches were attached to the turtle’s foreheads rather than there faces. Reinforcing the idea that kids are great play testers because they don’t care about the small things, only the game breaking bugs.