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Geeks Night Out

    Geeks Night Out is a crazy amazing event held by the City of Tempe once a year. This year Waden Kane Studios had the privilegeof demoing Turtle Boarden, and had some great feed back from our professional testers. From a developer stand point, we knew going into the event our game was in “critical” condition, meaning it worked but, there were a few game breaking bugs that could be caused by irregular user behavior. So when the game crashed and a kid yelled “Hey!! It’s glitching out!” I replied, “Yeah, that’s a feature…” and restarted the app. Luckily most kids didn’t care the UI wasn’t lit properly or the fact that the mustaches were attached to the turtle’s foreheads rather than there faces. Reinforcing the idea that kids are great play testers because they don’t care about the small things, only the game breaking bugs.


Entering the gaming industry is all fun and games…

    Growing up playing video games was the fuel that fed my passion to start my journey into the gaming industry. That being said, having passion is not always enough. Creating quality games for different platforms requires hard work, and lots of it. I love when I see an article or advertisement on social media feeds that says stuff like “Become a Game Designer Today, it’s easy!” and then its usually representing some low quality, barely accredited university. I’m going to share with you why making games is so difficult, and why so many people attempt to make awesome games and fail, and why only a few succeed.