What’s Happening at Waden Kane!

    A lot has been happening here at Waden Kane Studios. Earlier this month representatives from Waden Kane Studios attended GDC 2017 in San Francisco to show off our latest title; LeadnBrimestone. The CEO of Waden Kane met with some account managers from PlayStation to discuss the future of LnB on their platform. Given the raw nature of the prototype, it was difficult to get any critical feedback, however they did mention that our art style was unique and looked good. The development team assigned for this project is the biggest team assembled yet at Waden Kane Studios for a single project. With over 7 people working on this epic side-scrolling shooter, it’s guaranteed to be an awesome game that will be available Summer of 2018.


    Waden Kane Studios does a lot more than just create amazing video game experiences. Waden Kane also has close ties within the community in which it thrives. Last year in Tempe they hosted a talk about game design and development for beginners that was directed towards high school kids and anyone in the community interested in creating video games. This year in 2017, we plan on hosting more summits and tutorials about game development at the Tempe Library. Waden Kane is also trying to partner with Microsoft to perform some of these talks at their location in Tempe with the intent to stream some of those live sessions to their retail locations! Not to mention partnering with IGDA Phoenix or the International Game Developers Association to help promote their message and grow the gaming community here in the Phoenix area. This is one way Waden Kane is working to help out the community, but there’s so much more!!!


    One of Waden Kane’s latest upcoming project’s is working with students from schools without STEM programs to get their hands on the latest video recording technologies; 360 cameras. This project is intended to help influence schools, students,and local governments to invest more in STEM programs. Several 8th graders will get the opportunity to use a GoPro Omni 360 recording rig. For those of you who are not familiar with 360 tech, the GoPro Omni is one of the best systems you can buy. Using this rig of 6 cameras the students will create a 360 documentary about StateFarm, and how important STEM programs are for the younger generations and future employees. The final product will be available for viewing on our website and social media feeds late April. For more inforamation about our latest project’s, visit us on social media!

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